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The Fourth of July weekend is just around the corner, so light the fireworks, light the barbecues, and hang the stars and stripes proudly so the whole of Huntsville can see them. Downtown, there are a variety of events, from barbecues to fireworks, but there is also a special event for the whole family - Huntsville Con - Kasterborous. Huntsville Con in Kastorous features live music, food, beer, wine, crafts, games, activities and more.

The beer will consist of over 70 taps, including local, regional and international breweries, and will be served in a variety of styles, from craft beer to craft wine and more. On Saturday afternoon there is also a tractor show with restored antique tractors, live music, games, crafts and activities. There are many ways to buy food at the event, such as hot dogs, hamburgers, fries, burgers, sandwiches and more! The food at this event will be Bacon - Love Bacon only and there is a wide selection of local and national bacon from local restaurants and bakeries.

Visit the Huntsville Museum of Art for a day of ice skating in the park, which opens on Friday, November 20. Be sure to listen to a talking clock that will tell you something interesting about Alabama, and the talking trees will delight children of all ages.

There will be a variety of activities for children, from chalk crafting to painting, drawing, painting and painting. This will make for a great time for all ages, and there will be many opportunities to build chalk art and other fun activities.

The museum is offering a variety of courses and workshops for children and parents this Saturday, check out its website. All kinds of events are held throughout the year for different ages, and you feel like you and other families are exploring the museum. For more information about the weather - related closures and special events - visit the Huntsville Museum of Natural History's Facebook page.

Join us on Thursday night when admission to the Huntsville Museum of Art is only $5 from 5P-8P when it's open. During the day, various astronomically relevant programs will be presented, with the focus on the Milky Way, the Sun and the Moon.

The event takes up most of the day, so bring outdoor seating, sunscreen, hats and snacks to make the most of your experience. During the public skating hours, there is the possibility to go on the ice, a themed skate party (how cool is that?) and a "superhero skate party" (yes, the last one is about superheroes). On Labor Day weekend, you can visit the Huntsville Ice Skating Club's annual ice skating event. Free historic park tours fill the afternoons on Saturday and Sunday from 2.30 pm to 4 pm.

The United States Space and Rocket Center offers children the opportunity to delve deeper into the history of space exploration with their own experts. After visiting the many permanent and visiting exhibits, you can take a guided tour of the Space Shuttle Discovery and Space Launch System (STS-1).

If you want to learn more about the simulation that makes you think you're traveling through space, racing and playing in space and beyond, Rocket City can't wait to explore you.

The new State-of-the-A's will be the first of its kind in Alabama and will be located on the west side of the city, south of downtown Huntsville. There is also a new stage with three limestone openings that accentuate the stage and you get to see it from the outside in a unique way.

During the festival there are a variety of activities for children of all ages, such as water sports, music, food, handicrafts and more. There's also a ride - which offers great views of the Alabama State Capitol and the state capital building. A large water park, a climbing wall, a water slide, an ice rink, water slides, roller coasters and other activities.

The event lasts three hours and is limited to 200 tickets, so social distancing will not be a problem. As if the mallard wasn't epic enough, there's also a hot air balloon show at the end of the day. This event is not only about the park, but also a variety of activities for children and adults of all ages, such as water sports, music, food, handicrafts and more. Children and adults alike will enjoy Purdy Butterfly House, where thousands of native butterflies live alongside turtles, tiny quails, tadpoles and turtles.

Palmer Park is a great place to let kids run around, bring a frisbee and maybe catch a game. If you can grab a seat, you can let them play in the Kid's Corner entertainment area, pick something delicious from the food trucks lined up, or eat in downtown Madison. Buritt Mountain offers a variety of camps, courses, tours and special events covering everything from hiking, camping, mountain biking and hiking to hiking and camping. The cookie backyard offers plenty of entertainment for the little ones who make their own hands - for a while.

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